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First Census results coming soon

First Census results coming soon

27 June 2022
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The first results from last year’s Census will be published on Tuesday, 28 June, giving communities across Wokingham Borough a glimpse of how the population has changed.


Released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the results will provide estimates on the population of England and Wales, as well as age and sex profiles of local authorities.


The 2021 Census achieved a record response, with more than 20 million households completing questionnaires to help shape public services.


To explain the data, the ONS will publish a statistical bulletin on the rounded estimates on the number of people and households in England and Wales in March 2021. This will provide information on:


  • Population size and change
  • The age and sex of the population
  • How densely areas were populated
  • How many households there were

Using results to help shape public services


Cllr Clive Jones, the new leader of the council, said: “The first Census results are hugely important as they underpin our efforts to shape public services. They will be essential to our long-term understanding of the health, social and economic impacts of the pandemic.


“However, this is just the beginning, with much more information to be released later this year, which will give us a clearer picture of life in Wokingham Borough. The council welcomes the publication of the Census. We will be analysing the results and explore further what the information tells us and how this may have changed since the last Census in 2011.”


Following the first population estimates in June, the ONS will release further results from the Census from September onwards.


These will include data on ethnicity, religion, the labour market, education and housing. For the first time, it will also include information on armed forces veterans, sexual orientation and gender identity.


The council will publish a bulletin on the Census information for Wokingham Borough and will update the Equality Profile to include the new data. The Equality Profile is a tool that is available on the council’s website for all to use and provides a breakdown of the borough’s demographics by different equality themes. The updated tool will provide new and deeper insight into our communities and their characteristics.


Pete Benton, deputy national statistician, said: “The Census gives us the richest possible picture of society across England and Wales and is hugely important to inform decisions about all of our public services, from education to healthcare, and across the private sector.


“The results from this Census will give us a crucial baseline from which to monitor and manage change as we emerge from the pandemic.


The majority of responses to the Census (89%) were given online. For more information about Census 2021 results, visit www.census.gov.uk/census-2021-results

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