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Rosemary Avenue Bus Lay-By update

Rosemary Avenue Bus Lay-By update

26 October 2018

Please accept our sincere apologies for the short notice in updating you on the works being carried out at Rosemary Ave bus lay-by.


To give you a brief background, Ryhill Way and Rosemary Avenue bus lay-bys were originally part of the same project and the initial works were carried out at the same time. As you may be aware, when the undulations on the surface at Ryhill Way bus lay-by were identified and the unexpected and unusual ground conditions were discovered ground testing was carried out. 


At the same time, the team decided it would be wise to check the Rosemary Ave bus lay-by as well and minimal undulations were also found. Testing was also carried out there and the results came back similar to that of the Ryhill Way bus lay-by but not as severe.


However, to avoid another long and drawn out situation, it was decided that the same successful resolution, that was finally achieved at Ryhill, should be carried out at the Rosemary Ave bus lay-by as soon as possible which was this week.


We apologise that this information was not shared with you sooner but we are committed to learning from the mistakes made at Ryhill Way bus lay-by and getting these essential works successfully completed within the given timescale

For further details please visit https://roadworks.org/?105854051