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Consultation starts for 2017/18 school admissions

Consultation starts for 2017/18 school admissions

08 December 2015

All admissions authorities, like Wokingham Borough Council, must carry out annual consultation if their admissions arrangements need to be amended.


Between now and 20 January 2016, the borough council is consulting on changes to its school admissions arrangements for 2017/2018.


To take part complete the online response form and then forward it to: admissions.review@wokingham.gov.uk. 


Only fully completed response forms with the respondent’s name and address can be accepted.


The proposed alterations are:


  • Clarification to criterion B, to make it clear that it applies to ‘families who have exceptional, medical or social needs as the grounds for their child’s admission to a particular school
  • Amendment to the residency requirements to meet criteria D and E (living in the designated area of a school
  • Amendment to the wording relating to Crown Servants following the issuing of guidance by the Department for Education
  • Amendment to how we operate waiting lists and the requirement for parents to confirm annually, at the end of each academic year, whether they wish their child to remain on the waiting list for the following academic year
  • Proposal to increase the designated area of Nine Mile Ride Primary School to include a small area of the borough identified as not currently included in the designated area of any school
  • Proposal to prioritise two-year-olds attending school nurseries in the Foundation Stage 1 (F1) admission policy


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