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How the 21st Century Council programme will help you

How the 21st Century Council programme will help you

17 January 2018

Over the past year we have been making crucial changes to the way we deliver your services.


We are responding to a borough-wide need for residents to have more autonomy when making requests or enquiries, but we will be here to give support to anyone uncomfortable using new technology.


We are committed to delivering better customer service and making it easier to transact with the council. Around 88% of people in the borough are happy to interact online. And so far, 21,000 residents are already using our online Customer Account.


By streamlining our approach to reflect a changing, digital world, we are giving residents more options to access services in a variety of ways. We want to protect services and continue to deliver value. But you still have the option of face to face interactions, as well as guidance to get used to any online elements with which you are unclear.


What do these changes mean for you?


On the face of it, there will be no change to the services you expect and rely on. What might change is the interface you currently use, and you may have already encountered new approaches in the last year.


For example, earlier this year we introduced self-service kiosks at six libraries across the borough in; Lower Earley, Twyford, Wokingham, Woodley and Winnersh.


By investing in self-service technology, we have been able to extend the opening hours. All the libraries still have staff, but self-service can give a quicker, more efficient experience for people checking their books in and out.


And in the last 12 months we have changed how people can apply for blue badges, making the experience quicker and more user friendly. Gone are the lengthy eight-week waits for a decision. Now, online, a response is given instantly. These are just two examples and we will updated you on further changes.


Our far reaching 21st Century Council programme is making a significant contribution to our sound three-year savings plan and we are becoming a leaner, more efficient council costing significantly less to run.


As soon as information or updates are available about our 21st Century Council Programme – we want you to know.


We understand that going through any change can be daunting, but through our website we will keep you up to date with the latest news. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Wokingham Borough News which reaches 64,000 homes across the area.


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