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It's all about the preparation

It’s all about the preparation

21 October 2015

With the council’s plans for Peach Place set to start on site in early 2017, there is still a lot going on behind the scenes getting everything ready for this date.

Following on from making the Compulsory Purchase Order in September to secure the outstanding land interests required to deliver the scheme, the Council has now started a parallel process to secure a stopping up order for Peach Place which is required for the scheme to be implemented.

The regeneration team has now taken the first step in this process and submitted an application for the order to the Department for Transport. A draft order has been prepared and site notices will shortly go on display around Peach Place, with copies of the notice published in the local newspaper and available to view at Wokingham Post Office on Broad Street.

If made, the order would authorise the council to stop up the highway at Peach Place. The existing Rose Street car park and pedestrian routes will however remain open and in place until required for the scheme to be implemented.

The scheme will provide for the creation of a new pedestrianised square which will replace the existing car park, improved pedestrian linkages between the square and Rose Street, across to Waitrose, and the slight shift in the location of the existing Arcade to open up and improve the route through to Peach Street.

New servicing agreements will also be established to ensure the square remains vehicle free during the day and can remain a great environment for relaxation and entertainment.


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