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Looking after somebody else's child? Let us know

Looking after somebody else's child? Let us know

16 October 2015

If you look after somebody else's child (or arrange for your child to be looked after by someone else) for more than 28 days, this is a private fostering arrangement – and by law you must tell us.

Private fostering is an arrangement made without the direct involvement of the Council, and is when a child aged 16 and under is looked after by someone outside of the close family such as a grandparent, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, for more than 4 weeks.

There are a number of reasons why a child is privately fostered, including living with a friend’s family because of arguments at home, a parent has a long-term illness, and parents being homeless.  

By law, we must make sure that every child is safe and well cared for. We work with you to check and assess how suitable the arrangements are for you, and the child you are looking after, and make sure they are getting the support they need.

If you are considering a private fostering arrangement, or know someone who is involved in one, contact us.

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For more information visit the private fostering page or call (0118) 908 8002.


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