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Lest we forget

Lest we forget

11 November 2020
WBC Remembrance03.jpg

At 11am today, our Mayor Cllr Malcolm Richards and Deputy Mayor Cllr Keith Baker MBE, along with senior (pictured) and frontline council staff, paid their respects to fallen soldiers on this Remembrance Day.  

"On Armistice Day many of us will take some time to honour those who have served, and remember the many sacrifices they have made," said Borough Mayor, Cllr Malcolm Richards. 

"We normally honour Remembrance Day by buying poppies or attending church services and parades; many of which have been streamed online this year.

"Armistice Day brings a mixture of nostalgia and sadness along with pride in our armed services, volunteers and so many others.  Those incredible brave people whose outstanding efforts ensured our lives and freedoms and without whose sacrifices we might not be here today. Many who went never came back, or came back with major injuries and to personal losses. 

"We cannot and will not forget them, and we gratefully acknowledge all their magnificent efforts and thank them unreservedly for their achievements."

Respects were paid in line with social distancing guidelines.


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