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Care is changing in our Borough

Care is changing in our Borough

12 July 2018
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As more people than ever have increasingly complex health and social care needs, we’re beginning to integrate adult’s health and social care.

Their care at present may be provided by several different health and social care professionals, across various providers such as a GPs, hospitals or the voluntary sector.


This means people may experience fragmented services, as well as problems accessing the care they or their carers need.  But we can make services, and people’s experience of them, so much better by working together across the different organisations in a more integrated and joined-up way.


What’s been happening?

We’ve already started to make changes across the Borough by developing ways of working together to provide a single health and social care service. 

We’re creating an Integrated Partnership to transform services consisting of health partners, the voluntary sector and Healthwatch.  We want to:

  • support you so that you only need to tell your story once
  • where possible, keep you at home
  • care for more people at home, with fewer in hospital


We plan to have a single health and social care service for all adults in place by 2020. This will see providers across the Borough working together to deliver care as close to home as possible, in such a way that people receiving care will feel they’re dealing with just one organisation and not many.

Cllr Richard Dolinski, Executive Member for Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing, said: “Our plans to integrate health and social care are progressing well. This year the Partnership is investing an additional £313,000 to provide better seamless support. Services are under immense pressure and we need to make sure you receive the right care and support at the right time, in the right place.”

What will this mean for you?

By 2020:

  •  You’ll find your way between services and support more easily, with a quicker response to your needs
  • You’ll have a more positive experience and services will be safe
  • You’ll only need to tell your story once
  • You’ll have a greater choice of high quality services closer to your home
  • Services will be accessible and quick to respond to you, when you need them
  • You’ll be more able to help yourself
  • Your problems will be dealt with at an early stage to stop them getting worse
  • It will be easier for everyone to remain independent for longer


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