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Compassion in World Farming- a talk at Wokingham Library

Compassion in World Farming- a talk at Wokingham library

01 November 2018

Event:   Compassion in Farming - a talk

When:  Monday November 12, 10.30am to 12noon

Where: Wokingham Library


Come to a stimulating talk at the library which will consider the following questions:


  • How do my food choices effect farm animal welfare, the environment and my own health?
  • Are food labels designed to cause confusion? What do the words and logos actually mean?
  • How humane is Halal slaughter?
  • Can I eat meat with a clear conscience, and if so, how much?
  • Have mega farms come to the UK?
  • What’s happening about live animal export, and will this change when we leave the EU?
  • Is farmed fish an ethical choice?
  • Is factory farming the way the feed a hungry world?


We can’t guarantee to have all the answers, but we do have a lively, informative presentation. You can put your questions and exchange ideas too.


To book a place call (0118) 9781368, there is a £3 charge to attend.


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