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Consultation into mapped parking restrictions

Consultation into mapped parking restrictions

24 March 2017

Consultation is due to start on 29 March, for five weeks, seeking feedback on Wokingham Borough Council’s new interactive online map showing for the first time all of the borough’s parking Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) in one place.

The borough council has converted more than 300 of the borough’s existing traditional looking text-based TRO’s into maps and consolidated them into one online source to make it easier and quicker to see and understand parking restrictions in situ, rather than read lengthy written documents. It also means more efficient parking enforcement.

The new visual resource is part of Wokingham Borough Council’s programme to take over parking control from Thames Valley Police. The council is currently applying to the Department for Transport (DfT) to take on Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) in autumn this year.

Many local people and businesses already think Wokingham Borough Council has CPE powers and, like the police, support the move.


"With these maps you simply input a postcode and you can instantly see exactly what parking restrictions are where, and how they relate to their environment," said Cllr Malcolm Richards, executive member for highways and transport.

"It also makes them easy to understand. Please do take a look at them in the consultation and let us know what you think."

Part of taking on CPE means updating the existing parking lines and signs across the borough to ensure they are clearly understood and legally enforceable, which the borough council has nearly completed.

This consultation is not about making substantial changes to the TROs themselves, but is an opportunity to comment on use of maps and any minor modifications the council is proposing to make.

Alongside the online mapping information, the formal TRO documents and public advertisement (also online) will clarify what and where these minor modifications are.

Any small changes to the physical measures on-street and the maps online have not materially changed the fundamental restrictions of any of the existing TROs.

Visit the TRO page to find links to the interactive maps, a questionnaire, an FAQ and copies of the TRO documents. This will all also be available at the borough council’s main office at Shute End.

The consultation is due to finish on May 2.


For questions about CPE or the consultation email the council’s traffic management team: TM.Consultations@wokingham.gov.uk  


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