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Council seeks approval to update home to school transport appeals process

Council seeks approval to update home to school transport appeals process

23 March 2021
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Wokingham Borough Council is hoping its plans to improve the home to school transport appeals process are approved later this week after taking on board feedback from local residents and professionals.


If approved, amendments will be made to the current appeals process which reflects views expressed during the public consultation, whilst ensuring compliance with national regulations.


Members of the council executive will also be discussing outcomes from the public consultation on the proposed new Home to School Travel Assistance policy for children and young people 5 to 16 years old, and Travel Assistance policy for those over 16 years old with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  


Engagement with a cross-party representative group of elected members and senior council officers in Spring last year provided a clear direction for work to update the council’s policy on home to school transport, and helped to define some key issues that the updated policies should seek to address.

Proposed new home to school transport policies were submitted for formal public consultation between 18 September and 6 November last year, along with specific questions for the public and service users around discretionary travel assistance, and the potential to strengthen support for independent travel. The outcomes from the public consultation will be discussed during council executive.

Cllr Ullakarin Clark, executive member for children’s services said, “It is important that every child and young person in the borough is able to access education. We have statutory responsibilities to our children and young people with regards to home to school transport and we want to ensure that we continue to meet the transport needs of families across the borough.

“We want to make certain that our young residents, especially those deemed extremely vulnerable who attend highly specialist provision outside of the Borough, are able to reach these schools and colleges in a way that is safe and appropriate to their needs.”

For further information on the council’s home to school transport visit the council website and search 'home to school transport'.

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