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Council votes to keep current election cycle

Council votes to keep current election cycle

23 June 2022
Voter posting a ballot paper into the ballot box

Voters will continue to go to the polls three years out of every four after Wokingham Borough Council voted not to move to all out elections every four years last night.

A change to the election cycle would have required a two-thirds majority in favour at the meeting but a majority of councillors voted against the change.

Leader of the council Cllr Clive Jones said: “There are good arguments for and against a change but ultimately, I believe the current system is more accountable because a third of councillors are up for election in most years so residents can have a say on our performance regularly.  Another important benefit to my mind is stability; if we have all out elections, we could have a large number of new councillors coming in at once and that risks a huge loss of experience in one go.

“In the end, these considerations outweighed the benefits of change for me and I am glad that a majority of councillors agreed with that choice.”

The council will have all-out elections in May 2024 as a result of the Boundary Commission for England electoral review and then will revert to the current cycle of elections three out of every four years.

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