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Digital parking enforcement maps

Digital parking enforcement maps

27 June 2017
Parking ticket

The creation of an online map showing in one place all of the Wokingham Borough’s 500 Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) is due to be decided by Wokingham Borough Council’s decision-making executive, on 29 June.


If the Executive agrees, these visual TROs will replace the old style written documents and be easier and quicker to understand. The new digital map-based TROs are part of the borough council’s final preparations to take on Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) by the end of this year.


CPE covers double and single yellow lines, loading restrictions, double parking or parking across dropped kerbs, parking in a residents’ parking zone without a permit, and overstaying in time-limited bays.  It will give the borough council the muscle to tackle congestion and improve road safety and make parking fairer for everyone.


The Department for Transport is currently processing Wokingham Borough Council’s CPE application and has agreed it in principle. The final stage is for the application to be ratified in parliament.


“Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation this spring into the new map-based TROs, which will go on our website,” said Cllr Chris Bowring, executive member for highways and transport.


“Having all the TROs in one place, easy to access and easy to understand, will make the whole process far more transparent and accessible for people.”


Thames Valley Police currently carries out parking enforcement across the borough, but many local people and businesses already think Wokingham Borough Council has CPE powers. The police support this handover because it will bring the Wokingham Borough in line with other Thames Valley councils.

A contractor has now been appointed by Wokingham Borough Council to carry out enforcement on its behalf. This company will also co-ordinate parking permits, penalties (fines), and oversee the appeals process.


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