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Dinton Pastures reality check

Dinton Pastures reality check

11 October 2016
Photo of a woman running in Dinton Pastures

Wokingham Borough Council has no intention to build, or allow to be built, any houses on Dinton Pastures Country Park.

This needs to be clearly understood in the light of some very misleading comments in the local media and on social media. We want to reassure our residents and visitors that Dinton Pastures is not under any threat and will remain our premier country park.

In recent years we have invested significantly in Dinton Pastures' with improvements to our play area, catering facilities and activity centre and have seen the number of people enjoying the park go up and up. We intend to continue this pattern of improvement while being mindful of Dinton's special appeal as our prime leisure destination.

So, what is happening?

Dinton Pastures has been put forward for 'leisure use' as part of the Local Plan Update Call for Sites. If it is designated for leisure use, we would be able to invest in further improvements, potentially improving existing facilities but also potentially building new facilities, including leisure buildings, over the next 20 years.

We have no firm plans for what may be needed to continue to retain Dinton Pastures as our premier leisure location, but we do know that any new buildings will not be houses.

As we have done in the past, we would consult on any new leisure facilities that could be provided at Dinton Pastures and they would also have to gain planning permission.


You can find out more by visiting the Local Plan Update page.


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