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Do you know people in Wokingham Borough are healthier than in other parts of the country?

Do you know people in Wokingham Borough are healthier than in other parts of the country?

04 January 2017
Photo of two people cycling

Our Public Health Team works in partnership to support our population whatever their age. It aims to improve the health and wellbeing of local people, such as helping them take control of their own lifestyle choices by stopping smoking, becoming more active and helping to prevent long-term conditions.


Here are some of things we offer:

  • 'Smoking Free Life' will support you in getting the most appropriate and suitable support to give up smoking. More information can be found on the Smoke Free Life website
  • For a healthy lifestyle, come and join our sport and leisure activities to free your mind after a long working day.
  • If you are aged 16 and above, and you want some advice to manage your weight, eat healthy foods and be physically active, EAT 4 HEALTH is there for you. Find out further information at:  


If you are over 40 and have no long-term conditions, you can still have a health check. Visit your GP or the nearest pharmacy to get weighed and have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. You will also be able to talk about lifestyle choices and how you can help your future wellbeing.

For information and advice for sexual health related issues including clinic locations, opening times and information on testing, visit the Safe Sex Berkshire website.

And now as winter is here, keep well with a flu jab, available free for children and people over 65. Contact your local GP for more details.

For those of you without a long-term condition, you can also contact your local pharmacy. Visit the NHS website for more details.


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