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Free NHS health checks for 40 to 74-year-olds

Free NHS health checks for 40 to 74-year-olds

02 July 2019

If you’re aged 40 to 74 you might be eligible for a free health check under a NHS national programme which screens individuals for a variety of medical conditions. The main aim of the check is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease or stroke. 

During the appointment, you will be asked simple questions about your family history and lifestyle choices. Your blood pressure will be checked and there will be a finger-prick blood test to measure your cholesterol level.  You will be taken through your results and given personalised advice on how to lower your health risks.  

“If you’re aged over 40 I urge you to take advantage of this health check. Even if you’re generally well and healthy, it can help you stay risk aware,” said Cllr Charles Margetts, executive member for health, wellbeing and adult services at Wokingham Borough Council.

For more information, and to book your appointment please email our public health team


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