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Getting ready for Carnival Pool with new car parking arrangements

Getting ready for Carnival Pool with new car parking arrangements

06 April 2016

From Monday 4 April the Wellington House car parks (lower and upper) on Elms Road will become available as temporary short stay public car parks to help meet parking demand in the town centre.

As part of Wokingham Borough Council’s plans for regenerating the Carnival Pool site, the car parks will help provide additional town centre parking for when the existing Carnival Pool car park closes in June to allow for the building of a new 529 space multi-storey car park. 


Bernie Pich, head of town centre regeneration at Wokingham Borough Council, said: “Although we have delayed the start of major works on the Carnival Pool site until June to help keep the existing carnival car park open and offset the additional demand caused by the station car park closure, the borough council decided to go ahead with the works at Wellington House as originally planned.


"By opening these car parks now, we can help offer additional short stay spaces for the town centre whilst demand levels are higher over the next few months. It will continue to be used as temporary parking until the new multi-storey car park is completed next spring."

Car parking charges

The two Wellington House car parks will be managed and charged in line with other short stay pay-and-display car parks in the town centre. The lower car park will be open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The upper car park will be available to the public Monday to Friday from 3pm onwards, and all day on Saturday and Sundays.


Both car parks are short stay and will be limited to a maximum parking period of three hours.

Signage will be put in place to remind members of the public about the usage restrictions and the need to purchase a ticket from one of the pay and display machines in the car park. Those incorrectly parking or exceeding the maximum stay may be subject to fines.


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