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Improving footpaths around Waingels College in Woodley

Improving footpaths around Waingels College in Woodley

19 July 2021
WBC New School Path_015 664x440.jpg

Footpaths on the main route into Waingels College in Woodley have been improved. 

Repairs were completed on the footpaths along Denmark Avenue earlier this month, by Wokingham Borough Council’s contractor VolkerHighways.


Hundreds of students travel to the secondary school along the road each day and the improvements will make their journeys smoother for years to come. 

Helping students on their daily travel

The location has been chosen for the investment due to the number of students it will help on a daily basis. 

The road on Denmark Avenue will also have surface treatment improvements over the summer, meaning cyclists will be able to enjoy improved journeys from the start of the new school year in September.


Some of the borough’s most-used footpaths around key travel locations like train stations and schools are part of the resurfacing programme. 

More footpath improvements soon

Roads around Earley Station, St Crispin’s School (Wokingham), The Holt School (Wokingham) and Colleton Primary School (Twyford) are all earmarked for repairs in the coming months.


Tom Bartlett, principal of Waingels College, said: “Our students will see the benefit of these improvements every day with hundreds of them coming in on foot from the local area down Denmark Avenue. 

Improvements on the road later this summer will also mean those who cycle to school will benefit from a better surface for their journeys.”


Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport, said: “Our resurfacing programme for this year includes footpaths at some key locations across the borough. Improving footpaths around schools like Waingels College will have a positive impact on the daily lives of hundreds of students by making their journeys to school easier.


“Providing safe and well maintained walking routes to schools is essential to cutting car journeys into schools, cutting emissions and helping us towards our carbon reduction goals as a borough.”

Part of £4.8million roads investment


The work is part of Wokingham Borough Council’s £4.8million resurfacing programme for 2021-22. Dozens of roads and footpaths across the borough are due for improvements in the months ahead. 

It’s part of the council’s ongoing work to keep the borough moving by ensuring roads are well maintained.


Since the start of the programme in May, 30 projects across the borough have been completed. The whole programme will continue until the autumn.

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