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IT changes to online payment systems in 2018

IT changes to online payment systems in 2018

17 January 2018

We are making some major improvements to the software used by the council and the end result will make life easier for residents and save them time.


You already know that we have refreshed our Customer Account page. One of the next changes coming, is to our external payments system.


We are replacing this soon, with the work planned for the weekend of 20/21 January. The work will start on Friday 19 January and will go live on Monday 22 January.


New chip and PIN machines have been rolled out across the borough to libraries, children’s centres, registrars, planning and the Dinton Activity Centre.


This will introduce contactless payment and further modernise our services.


Residents should be aware that from Friday 19 January to the early part of Monday 22 January, payments will not be able to be taken during this time.


In April, we are also introducing an updated online portal for our revenues services, such as council tax and business rates. This is called Citizens Access – Revenues.


This new system will mean our customers can more easily transact with the Council online. This includes; reporting when they move in, out or around the borough, setting up direct debits and applying for discounts.


We have already launched a new mapping software service which has received good feedback from people who’ve used it. People can search for planning applications near their home, and get all the details at the click of a button.


It’s also easier to report incidents of graffiti, or a broken lamp post, by using this map to help us pinpoint locations and resolve incidents quickly.


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