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New leader announces executive and sets out priorities

New leader announces executive and sets out priorities

20 May 2022
Cllr Clive Jones, the council's new leader, and Cllr Stephen Conway, the council's new deputy leader

Following his election as leader of the council last night, Cllr Clive Jones announced his executive team and has set out the key areas of focus for his Liberal Democrat-led administration.


The council’s new decision-making executive is:

  • Cllr Clive Jones  Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Business and Economic Development
  • Cllr Stephen Conway Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Housing
  • Cllr Rachel Bishop-Firth Executive Member for Equalities, Inclusion and Fighting Poverty
  • Cllr Paul Fishwick Executive Member for Active Travel, Transport and Highways
  • Cllr Prue Bray Executive Member for Children’s Services
  • Cllr Lindsay Ferris Executive Member for Planning and Local Plan
  • Cllr David Hare Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing and Adult Services
  • Cllr Sarah Kerr Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Resident Services
  • Cllr Ian Shenton Executive Member for Environment, Sport and Leisure
  • Cllr Imogen Shepherd-Dubey Executive Member for Finance

Priorities for the new executive

Cllr Jones set out his initial priorities for the new Liberal Democrat executive:

  • Tackling poverty by supporting residents and working with businesses
  • Protecting the environment through real action on the climate emergency, including increased tree planting; lobbying for a reduction in the ‘unsustainable’ housing targets currently set by Government; and promotion of active/sustainable travel
  • Increasing the availability of social housing
  • Securing the council’s financial future in the face of threats such as the huge potential cost of implementing the Government’s proposed adult social care reforms
  • Making it easier for residents and businesses to contact and deal with the council              

What Cllr Jones said

Cllr Jones said: “Our council, like all across the country, faces huge problems. The cost of living crisis is hitting people hard, the environmental crisis is real and present and the council’s finances are under pressure from inflation and years of funding cuts from the government. We also face ministers who have seemed determined to impose unsustainable levels of housing upon us.


“These problems make this the time for grown-up politics and joined-up leadership and we will work constructively with anybody willing to help us to tackle them. 

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to voluntary sector organisations, town and parish councils and the wider community as we develop long-term responses that work in the interests of all residents.

'Experience and expertise'


“The executive I have announced is packed with experience and expertise. I think it is particularly important to point out that Cllr Fishwick is not just executive member for transport and highways (as previously holders of that portfolio have been) he is the executive member for active travel as well. 

That’s not just a change of title – it is a change of priority as we will have a clear focus on making it easier for people to get around without having to drive their cars. 

I’d also like to highlight that we have created a new executive role with responsibility for equalities, inclusion and fighting poverty and I am proud to be the first leader to put those vital issues on the top table where they belong.”

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