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New signs to encourage everybody to enjoy Dinton Pastures Country Park together

New signs to encourage everybody to enjoy Dinton Pastures Country Park together

07 September 2016
Photo of a woman running in Dinton Pastures

Dinton Pastures is one of Wokingham Borough’s success stories and is attracting more and more visitors to enjoy the great outdoors.

Visitors come to Dinton for a wide variety of reasons and the Borough Council’s Countryside Service aims to ensure all of them can enjoy the Park in their own way, which is why it is encouraging all visitors to think about others and act responsibly.

The vast majority of visitors to Dinton enjoy the park without causing any problems, but with more and more people visiting, some issues have arisen that spoil the experience of others.

New signs are going up at the park to highlight some ways in which some people are spoiling others’ experience, such as:

  • Dog fouling and the leaving of dog bags in trees and bushes
  • Littering
  • Dogs off leads where they should not be


Wokingham Borough Council’s executive member for environment Cllr Angus Ross said: "Like so many residents, I love Dinton Pastures and am delighted that so many people visit it for so many different reasons. Dinton is a great success and the vast majority of visitors behave impeccably – but there is a small minority whose actions cause upset or annoyance to others and we are keen to curtail those problems. This is really about respecting other people’s right to enjoy the park.

"There are a few problems that our staff and visitors face that could be very easily avoided. For example, there are plenty of areas where dogs can run free – so there is no reason to have dogs off leads in the wrong place. There is also still some littering, which is such a shame as it spoils the appearance for the lovely park.

"We also have more and more people using Dinton for exercise and that is great, but we’ve had cyclists and runners crashing into people who are just out for a walk – so we are asking people to take care. This is not about blaming any one group of visitors or another – it is about everybody thinking about other visitors and about the country park being a place for all to enjoy."


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