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Partnership rescue for vulnerable people

Partnership rescue for vulnerable people

30 March 2016
Elderly people

Woodley Age Concern day centre and residential care service ceased trading as a limited company last week (24 March).

Wokingham Borough Council has taken on the management of the service, including staff. Optalis is now managing the service on behalf of the council. Interim arrangements are in place to ensure continuity of service and the welfare of residents remains a priority. All services are operating as usual.

The council is also working with Involve (voluntary sector umbrella organisation) to provide alternative, community based activities to people with dementia and their carers.

By working together, the council, Optalis and Involve hope to draw on the wealth of experience from different local organisations to ensure older people with dementia benefit from community-based, local support that best meet their needs.

"We've supporting Woodley Age Concern over the years to provide support to vulnerable people," said Stuart Rowbotham, Wokingham Borough Council’s director of health and wellbeing.

"But unfortunately the organisation has found itself in a difficult financial situation and is no longer able to provide these services. We’ve been working with them to try and avoid this situation, but regrettably it is unavoidable and Woodley Age Concern ceased trading.

Mette Le Jakobsen, managing director at Optalis, said: "While the loss of a local provider is hard for all concerned, our priority is to work with Wokingham Borough Council and Involve to ensure the people replying on this support continue to receive safe and effective services."

Philip Cook, general manager at Involve, said: "It's very sad when a charity finds itself in this position.

"We are now working with Wokingham Borough Council and Optalis to ensure services can continue with minimal disruption to those using them, and that those services going forward are available and sustainable for any local residents needing help and support."


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