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Council proposes to permanently pedestrianise Luckley Path to improve safety

Council proposes to permanently pedestrianise Luckley Path to improve safety

05 April 2018
Road closed sign

Wokingham Borough Council is proposing to keep Luckley Path, in Wokingham, permanently closed to vehicles to further improve pedestrian safety and the appearance of the town centre.

Josie Wragg, interim director of localities and customer services, said: “The safety of our residents is of paramount importance. Due to the narrowness of the road and building alignments alongside it, it makes it difficult for pedestrians to see oncoming vehicles.  It is also a challenge for those with disabilities and people with pushchairs/prams.

“Vehicles waiting to leave Luckley Path to join the traffic on Peach Street block all users trying to cross, creating a significant safety issue.  Also vehicles merging with traffic on Peach Street cause congestion  at busy times, particularly when trying to cross the traffic past Market Place to proceed along Broad Street.”

Whilst current roadworks are on-going, the temporary closure of this exit from Luckley Path, from its junction with Peach Street to 22 metres south-east of that junction, has not caused any noticeable disturbance to businesses and has made the area significantly more accessible for pedestrians.

Therefore, the council has recommended permanently preventing vehicles driving down Luckley Path would create a safer environment for all. 

More information

Copies of the draft order, statement of reasons and plan can be viewed at the council offices on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. These documents are also available on the council's website and search for 'TRO'. Any objections to the proposal, together with grounds on which they are made, should be sent no later than April 19, 2018. These should be made in writing to the Traffic Management Team or via email at: TM.consultations@wokingham.gov.uk.  


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