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Putting your views at the heart of health and social care

Putting your views at the heart of health and social care

16 June 2022
Healthwatch press release.png

Do you use health or social care services? Healthwatch Wokingham Borough is your local champion, here to help people make their voices heard.


The service operates from the Wokingham Charity and Community Hub in Waterford House. Run by The Advocacy People, it is an independent source for advice and improving local services. It listens to people’s views on health and social care and gives feedback to the organisations, as well as pointing people in the right direction when they need to access a particular service.


Earlier this year, Wokingham Borough Council commissioned the Healthwatch service, one of 28 grants and contracts awarded to the voluntary, community and faith sector organisations to provide prevention services to adults, totalling £2.1million.


Healthwatch supports people to get the best from a variety of settings, including hospitals, pharmacies, GPs and dentists. It also applies to those looking for support with their mental health, or those looking to find the right care home or home care provider.

Shaping the services you access


Cllr David Hare, the new executive member for health, wellbeing and adult services, said: “We know having the Healthwatch service has already seen some very positive changes, which have directly helped so many residents to lead happy and healthy lives and feel more involved in the services they access.


“Whether you need advice about your next steps, or you have feedback to offer, Healthwatch will be there to listen. Most of us will need to access care services at some point in our lives and finding the right service can be confusing or daunting. Healthwatch is here to help you as, sometimes, residents may not even know a particular service exists.


“If you are accessing these at a time when you are worried or stressed, having an independent voice can help set you on the right track and reassure you. Healthwatch feedback to health and social care providers also helps to bring about improvements for the benefit of the wider population.”


If you have recently used a health or social care service, you can visit the Healthwatch website and have your say. This may be directly from the resident who used the service, or from a friend or relative acting on behalf of a loved one.


As well as help and advice, Healthwatch also promotes NHS surveys and public health campaigns to better understand the needs and feelings of residents.

Proud to be an independent champion


Matthew Hilton, CEO at The Advocacy People, said: “We are excited to be continuing the excellent work of Healthwatch Wokingham Borough, making sure that the needs of local people are put at the heart of health and social care services. We’re very pleased to be based at the Charity and Community Hub in Wokingham town centre – this vibrant venue is home to 11 organisations, all there to help people.


“We take pride in being an independent champion for residents who use these services and in making health and social care as easy as possible to access. If you have a question, need information, or want to give your feedback – good or bad – please do drop in and see the Healthwatch team, or get in touch by phone or email.”


If you are interested in volunteering with Healthwatch Wokingham Borough, you can find out more online.


Volunteering roles include: Community engagement champion, where you help to spread the word about what Healthwatch does at events; ‘Enter and view’ representatives, who, as part of a trained group of volunteers, assess services provided locally, speaking to patients, relatives and staff; and Advisory Board Member, helping to set priorities and plan activities.


For more information, call (0118) 418 1418 or email enquiries@healthwatchwokingham.co.uk

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