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Raise hope and foster dreams

Raise hope and foster dreams

27 March 2017
Photo of a foster family and their pets

We need more foster carers so every child can stay in the Borough and close to their families and friends. Sue from Crowthorne has been fostering with us for four years and readily admits she was reluctant when husband Les first suggested it.


"I was worried about the impact it would have on our family," she said. "But after talking to foster mums and their foster children at the swimming club I run, my concerns disappeared.

"And as a family we've never looked back. It's the most rewarding role I've ever had."


Sue, Les, daughters Siânnah (18) and Lauren (23), their six dogs and two cats, have opened their home to several children since they started and now share their lives with three teenage girls.

"It can often be an emotional rollercoaster, but when there's a positive outcome and you know you've had a major impact on that young person's life, it's a proud moment."


She cites examples of those 'proud moments' helping one of her foster children get into the college accommodation she wanted, and setting the other on the path to her dream of an army career.

"I'm not here to replace their mums, and they know that. I'm here to look after them on behalf of their mums. But they're part of our family and go on holiday with us and do everything a family would do."


The girls' family and friends are also welcomed into their home and regularly visit.

"Fostering is about caring, listening and supporting no matter what - it's about developing trust and bonds, working together and earning respect. The rewards are enormous."


Sue says it works for her because she takes in children younger than her own, and wouldn't have started fostering unless her own daughters were supportive.


"You also make friends with other foster carers and their advice is invaluable," she said. "And the Council offers ongoing support and training so you have everything you need. "Being a foster carer lends to the Girl Guide motto 'be prepared'."


Our foster carers come from all backgrounds, genders, marital status, religious (or not) beliefs, and cultures. You simply need to be over 21, have a spare room(s), and be able to provide safe care, have some life experience and a 'can do' attitude.


For more information, visit the fostering website.


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