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re3 fact sheets show the value of waste

re3 fact sheets show the value of waste

23 March 2016
Photo of the Smallmead Household Waste Recycling Centre

re3, the waste management partnership for central Berkshire, is launching a series of factsheets to help residents understand the value of waste and support them in recycling more and better.

It is around £80 cheaper to recycle a tonne of waste from the re3 area than it is to send it to landfill. In addition to the financial costs, burying our rubbish in a landfill is simply a waste of resources that could go on to have a new life as something else.

By offering help and advice, the fact sheets have been designed to support residents in dealing with their household waste more efficiently and in diverting more of it away from landfill.

Fact sheets

The 40 individual material fact sheets cover everything from plastics to scrap metal, and furniture to used engine oil. Created as easy to understand infographics, each one advises on where the material can be recycled and how it might be reused once processed.

Recycled plastic bottles can be made into fleece jackets or garden furniture; used battery components can be recycled for use in the agricultural, steel and electronics industries; and stainless steel cutlery can be reused in surgical instruments or even passenger trains.

Ideas for residents to use at home to help them to waste less, save money and recycle better include information on reducing food waste, lists of what can be taken to recycling centres, and up-cycling and reuse tips for everyday objects like cutlery, wood and drinks cartons.

A further 6 fact sheets provide information on the waste management processes themselves.

By diverting waste sent to landfill through improved recycling, we can help to conserve natural resources, reduce waste management costs, save energy and cut air and water pollution.

The fact sheets are available on the re3 website

Executive member for environment Cllr Angus Ross said: "These fact sheets are another tool to help educate, inform and encourage our residents to recycle more.  Whilst they are good recyclers there is still more we can do. Protecting our environment and delivering cost effective services are key priorities and there are clear environmental and economic benefits to improving our recycling rate."

Adrian Clarke, General Manager for contractor FCC Environment said: "At FCC Environment, we see on a daily basis the items that people put out for recycling and the items that they don’t. We understand that it can be confusing, so anything that simplifies things is a great help. The factsheets with the simple four step approach make things much clearer and we really hope they help local residents to understand what a positive impact they can have to our environment by recycling even more."


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