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Removal of traffic barriers in Rectory Road

Removal of traffic barriers in Rectory Road

04 September 2020
Barrier works web.jpg

Next Monday (September 7) will see Rectory Road return to two lanes following the removal of the red and white traffic barriers on Sunday evening.

Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport, said: “The barriers were originally installed to create more space for pedestrians to walk into town safely and as part of the wider measures to help reduce traffic speeds across the town centre.

“Over the last few months we have continued to monitor usage and believe now is the right time to remove the barriers on Rectory Road. With more people returning to the office, and schools reopened, we are keen to return the road to two lane traffic to provide additional capacity. The remaining town centre restrictions continue to remain under review and will be removed at the appropriate times.”

Work to remove the barriers from Rectory Road will take place from 6pm on Sunday September 6. Traffic access will be maintained throughout with the road fully reopened by Monday September 7.


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