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Saddle up in the sunshine for the chance to win prizes

Saddle up in the sunshine for the chance to win prizes

28 April 2022
Bike Month Twitter UK6 - Copy.png

May is the Love to Ride campaign’s national Bike Month - and Wokingham Borough Council is urging everyone who lives or works within its boundaries to saddle up for the chance to win prizes.


Cyclists of all ages and levels of experience, from total beginners to weekend warriors and hardcore long-distance riders, can join forces and log every journey they take by registering with the Love to Ride Wokingham website.


They will be ranked on a leaderboard for both the highest number of active days and the most overall mileage. Newcomers could find themselves storming their way to the top while earning virtual “badges” for achievements like their first ride – or their 100th!

A fun, fair competition for everyone

Friends, families, businesses, charities and other community groups can all band together in groups of up to 10 and enjoy a little friendly competition. They will compete in “pools” which will be matched randomly based on ability level to ensure fairness.


Riders earn points based on the days they ride and total distance, as well as how many others they encourage to sign up – and the more points they win, the more entries they will have into a prize draw. To give more people a reason to get out and about, new members’ points will be doubled.


Up for grabs are a bike of the winner’s choice, worth up to £1,500, as well as waterproof bags, high-viz jackets and more. Anyone who signs up for Love to Ride’s Bike Month before 1 May will also have a chance of winning a £250 gift card to use at their local bike shop. 


However, Bike Month isn’t just about riding the furthest or the most often. Riders can log any ride lasting 10 minutes or more, which will encourage people to cycle whenever they can squeeze it in and inspire others to do the same.


There’ll also be plenty of activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as riders share their victories and cheer each other on, however far they’ve travelled.

Start the habit of a lifetime today

Andy Glencross, assistant director for highways and transport at Wokingham Borough Council, said: “Since its launch, Love to Ride Wokingham has attracted 1,717 riders including 358 who are new to cycling - and between them, they've racked up an incredible 1.57 million miles across more than 124,000 trips.


“That's the equivalent of travelling from the Earth to the Moon and back more than three times, saving almost 224,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in the process. It really goes to show what you can achieve by doing something often and in small amounts at a time.


“Cycling has countless benefits for individuals and businesses, from improving mental and physical health to helping the environment and making neighbourhoods more pleasant to live in. We hope Love to Ride’s Bike Month will show people how easy it is to get involved – and to make it a fun habit for life.”


The scheme is supported by the borough council’s My Journey Wokingham team, which promotes various forms of active travel. For more information, including some top cycling tips, visit the Love to Ride Wokingham website.


For more about My Journey Wokingham, visit the team's website or search for “My Journey Wokingham” on Facebook and Twitter.

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