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Shanly Foundation donates £5,000 towards Mayor's chosen charity

Shanly Foundation donates £5,000 towards Mayor's chosen charity

23 November 2018
Wokingham Borough Mayor, Cllr John Kaiser, welcomed representatives from the Shanly Foundation to the Me2 Club on Monday 19 November, where they presented a cheque of £5,000 to the charity.

Me2 Club is a Wokingham based charity which support young people in a wide range of activities including uniformed groups, sports, drama and dance sessions. They help young people who struggle to access these activities because of their needs, resulting in social isolation, lack of confidence and self-esteem. Me2 Club works closely with mainstream activity leaders helping them to make their activities more accessible and welcoming by providing comprehensive Inclusion Training.  

Tamra Booth, trustee of Shanly Foundation said: "We are delighted to support the Mayor of Wokingham with his appeal for donations to Me2 Club. We hope that our donation will further enable the incredible work they do and allow even more children and young people with disabilities enjoy life to the full."

Wokingham Borough Mayor, Cllr John Kaiser, said: “I would like to personally thank Mr Shanly and the Shanly Foundation for such a generous gift to my chosen charity the Me2 Club.

"This £5,000 will be used towards additional projects: ‘Weekends Away’, ‘Days Away’ and family events.


"It will also go some way to helping the Club to free up fundraising efforts to cover management salary costs whilst they investigate ways of developing more opportunities for young people in the transition into teenage years and into adulthood.

"Helping children and young people who have disabilities live a normal life and become part of their communities is very important and fulfilling, resulting in a positive change to their quality of life.

"Again, thank you for your part in helping secure the future and allowing the development of the Club which means the work they do can be extended to others who will benefit from the excellent service they provide."

As part of his support of Me2 Club’s work the Mayor is organising a Gala Ball on Saturday 9 March. You can find out more about the Ball on the Me2 Club website. 


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