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Summer recycling tips

Summer recycling tips

12 July 2018

Our increased recycling service across Borough now means it’s easier to stay on top of waste and recycling at a time when we generate more waste than normal.

If you’re planning on a barbecue, you can already doorstep recycle unsoiled cardboard (including pizza boxes provided all food is removed), tins, bottles, tubs, Tetra Paks and non-black plastic trays at your door. Most glass can also be readily recycled at recycling banks across the Borough.

Although we’ll be introducing food waste collections early next year, until then there’s still plenty of ways to limit how much of your food waste goes to landfill this summer:

  • It’s easy to recycle a lot of food waste yourself, through composting your fruit and vegetable waste
  • Limit how much you cook for BBQs and parties. Plan accordingly for your guests and where possible, use any leftovers in lunches
  • Don’t necessarily go for ‘buy one get one free’ or similar offers unless you can genuinely use it all up before it expires. Most offers like these tend to apply to items nearing their expiry date
  • Pay more attention to ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates. While products are usually safe to eat after they’ve reached their ‘best before’ date, the heat could make their quality decline far quicker than normal.
  • Most food can be safely frozen. Check labels for instructions on how to freeze, and blanch vegetables before freezing to capture as much of their quality as possible
  • Where possible, try and take waste home with you when on trips if there’re no recycling facilities where you are
  • Use cool bags and ice packs to keep food fresh while out and about

It’s easy to dispose of garden waste too. In addition to our green waste bin service, you can also buy brown sacks for £1 each to be collected on a fortnightly basis alongside green waste bins. Alternatively, you can also dispose of garden waste, free of charge, at re3 recycling centres in Reading or Bracknell.


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