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Thank you for taking part in our Transport and Highways survey

Thank you for taking part in our Transport and Highways survey

12 July 2018
traffic jam.jpg

More than 1,000 people took part in our Transport and Highways Survey last year, and your feedback is already helping us provide better and timelier information about roadworks and other disruption.

Our Borough has above average car ownership, which added to the major developments and town centre improvements, leads at time to disruption. But the survey also showed how we can better help you avoid these problems, so we’ve made changes based on this:

  • We’re now providing a much more comprehensive highways text alerts service. Visit our website to sign up to text alerts.
  • We’ve increased the volume and quality of roadworks information we issue on social media in advance, and are asking other organisations (such as utility companies) to do the same
  • You also suggested that improved cycle ways (safer and more comprehensive) would encourage them to drive less. This mirrors our ongoing programme creating cycle routes on our major new roads and the Greenways network of sustainable routes being developed

We acknowledge that we, or other organisations, working on the roads will get communication right every time. But we’re doing our best to improve.

The survey also asked about specific junctions where people experience problems, and this information has been passed to our highways planners to look at.


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