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Update on Forces Support

Update on Forces Support

09 February 2018
M&S Boarding up 2.jpg

Since announcing the letting to Forces Support and the subsequent allegations, Wokingham Borough Council has looked into the issues raised. It met with Forces Support Chief Executive, Carol Reynolds, the petition organiser, Mr McMullen and held conversations with the Charity Commission.


The council has also now met with Carol Reynolds and David McMullen together for an open and constructive discussion. The meeting worked through all of the allegations made by Mr McMullen with detailed response by Forces Support which, in our view, were answered fully and comprehensively.


From this discussion we believe that, whilst Mr McMullen may have had valid concerns about the Charity in the past, they have clearly moved forward from this and demonstrated that they are a Bona Fide charity providing a real and needed service to the Forces community.


Our discussion with the Charities Commission has reinforced this view and Forces Support were given a ‘clean bill of health’ following their discussions with the Commission last year.


The council will continue to work with Forces Support and ask residents to support them in Wokingham which will help activate the high street and provide a valuable service to the borough’s residents.


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