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What is good for your body is good for your mind

What’s good for your body is good for your mind

04 February 2020
wellbeing web.jpg

In support of the national mental health campaign ‘Every Mind Matters’, Wokingham Borough Council is reaching out to its residents to raise awareness of its mental wellbeing sports programme.

Being active and having a healthy, balanced diet both impact how we feel and the council’s programme is designed to promote and encourage positive mental wellbeing through sport and exercise.

Sessions are run in a relaxed environment by qualified coaches and participants can choose to play either in a competitive environment, where they compete with players and teams at their own level, or they can relax and learn the sports at their own pace with our coaches. 

“Even small amounts of regular physical activity can improve your mental well-being especially if it’s doing something you enjoy,” said Cllr Charles Margetts, executive member for health, wellbeing and adult services.

“There are variety of sports activities you can join through the council’s mental health and wellbeing sports programme including table tennis and badminton, as well other activities such as pilates, circuits, stretch and relax, and health walks”.

What we do to our bodies makes a big difference to how we feel.  Physical activity releases feel good hormones called endorphins which help us to sleep and feel better. It also improves our physical fitness which tends to make us feel better in general. 

Small changes in our day-to-day can make all the difference. Taking a brisk walk at lunchtime or walking to get where we going, getting active in the garden or cycling are great ways to improve our physical fitness.

To find out more about the council’s mental wellbeing sports programme visit the council website and search ‘mental health’.

Keeping active is just one thing we can do to look after our mental health and wellbeing every day, to find out more visit nhs website and search 'one you'.


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