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Wokingham Borough Council statement on Blackthorn Close

Wokingham Borough Council statement on Blackthorn Close

03 December 2021

Statement from Wokingham Borough Council spokesperson:

“We are sorry for this situation. This incident was caused by an unfortunate coincidence that our parking enforcement contractors happened to be in the area shortly after the double yellow lines had been painted. We have different contractors for painting the lines and for parking enforcement.

“For those people who received a parking fine and have not already challenged it, please contact us by emailing parkingservices@wokingham.gov.uk and we will work with you to cancel it. We entirely accept they have been issued in error.

“We are sorry this happened and want to apologise to everyone who has been affected.

“Residents in Blackthorn Close had requested the double yellow lines and our contractors have been out previously to paint them but had been unable to because of parked cars. Cones were meant to be put out in advance to prevent cars parking on the area to be painted. We have been informed by our contractor today that on this occasion, they did not put the cones out.

“We will be taking this up with our contractor and reviewing our internal processes to ensure this does not happen again.

“We are very sorry that parking fines have been issued in this case.”


Statement from VolkersHighways (WBC’s contractor responsible for road markings):

“VolkersHighways apologises for the upset and distress caused to residents in relation to the painting of the double yellow line markings on Tuesday morning in Blackthorn Close, Earley.


“We had planned to place cones along the road the evening before to make sure drivers were aware that the lines were to be painted but failed to do so.


“On this occasion, the procedure did not meet our usual high standards and we are taking immediate measures to revise our processes and ensure that this does not happen again.


“We thank the council and local residents for their understanding of this oversight and apologise for the embarrassment and reputational impact.”



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