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Wokingham Borough Council's public health team relaunches Mindful Health and Wellbeing programme

Wokingham Borough Council's public health team relaunches Mindful Health and Wellbeing programme

11 June 2021
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Wokingham Borough Council’s public health team has relaunched its Mindful Health and Wellbeing programme, aiming to combat mental health struggles through sport and physical activity.


From improved mood, quality sleep to increased self-esteem, the benefits of maintaining good physical fitness are endless. Exercising regularly can help reduce anxiety, depression and intrusive, racing thoughts. It alleviates stress, tension and anger and releases feel-good hormones, making you feel better about yourself and giving you more energy throughout the day.


With a vast range of activities on offer, the Mindful Health and Wellbeing programme is run in a relaxed environment and designed to suit all needs and abilities. You can follow the classes at your own pace or join in a fun challenge, competing with other players and teams alike. Choose from Pilates, badminton, Zumba, open gym, circuits, stretch and relax activities or table tennis.


“This is a fantastic programme, with a great initiative in mind,” said Cllr Charles Margetts, executive member for health and wellbeing and adult services. “Exercise is one of the best natural ways to reduce stress but taking the first step to looking after our mental wellbeing can often be the hardest. The classes are a judge-free zone, and everyone is on their own unique journey to a happier, more positive life. I highly encourage all Wokingham Borough residents to talk to their GP or mental health professional if they would like to be referred and take advantage of the programme.”


Delivered by the council’s sport and leisure team, a course of ten sessions costs £37.60. To participate, you must be over 18 years of age and living in the Wokingham Borough. You will also need a referral from your GP or a mental health professional and battle with mild to moderate mental health condition. 


For more information, email sport@wokingham.gov.uk or call (0118) 974 3728. 

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