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Wokingham constituency parliamentary result

Wokingham constituency parliamentary result

09 June 2017
Someone casting a vote

The result for the Wokingham constituency parliamentary election, that took place on Thursday 8 June, can be found in the table below.

For more details about the Wokingham constituency parliamentary election please visit the election page

The results for the Finchampstead parish by-election can also be found below the parliamentary result.


Wokingham constituency parliamentary result


 Candidate Party  Votes
 Andy Croy Labour  15,008 
 Clive Jones Liberal Democrats  9,512 
 John Redwood Conservatives  33,806 
 Russell Seymour  Green Party 1,364 

Turnout: 75.7%

Spoiled votes: 199

Finchampstead parish by-election

Candidate Party  Votes 
 Richard Hugh Arturi-Thomas  Independent 594 
Becky Eytle   Independent 1,016
Aaron Reader   Independent 694 
Thomas Trig   Labour 635

Turnout: 70.69%

Spoiled votes: 184


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