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Your new decision-making executive

Your new decision-making executive

19 May 2016
Shute End

Following the recent local government election, Wokingham Borough Council’s executive membership and their portfolios have changed slightly.

The executive is responsible for all strategic decision-making for the borough council apart from matters reserved for Full Council.

The new executive was announced at Council on 19 May.


Executive lead members and their portfolios

  • Cllr Keith Baker - Leader of the Council
    See more about Cllr Baker.
    • Appoint the Executive
    • Community, voluntary and public sector engagement, consultation and communication
    • Member training
    • WBC-owned companies
    • To mentor, support and develop Executive & Deputy Executive Members
    • Raise the Council’s profile locally and nationally
    • Promote and oversee the Council’s Communications and Marketing Strategy
    • Oversee the Council’s Service Plans
    • Policy co-ordination and strategy
    • Prepare the Executive Forward
  • Cllr Julian McGhee-Sumner - Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing
    See more about Cllr McGhee-Sumner.
    • Deputise for the Leader of the Council and undertake his statutory functions in his absence, and to deal with specific tasks allocated by him
    • Adult Social Services and Housing
    • Tenant Services
    • Public Health
    • Social Care strategy
    • Optalis
    • Commissioning Strategy
    • Looked-after young adults
    • Children and Young People with disabilities
  • Cllr Charlotte Haitham Taylor - Executive Member for Children’s Services
    See more about Cllr Haitham Taylor.
    • Looked-after children
    • Policies and strategies
    • Early Years and Childcare services and Children’s Centres
    • Youth Service
    • Planning school places (and new schools)
    • School Admission Process
    • School improvement plans
    • Academies and Free Schools
    • School inspections
    • Safeguarding
  • Cllr Anthony Pollock - Executive Member for Economic Development and Finance
    See more about Cllr Pollock.
    • WBC Budget
    • Shared Internal Audit and Investigations Service
    • Annual fees and charges
    • Council Tax
    • Revenues and Benefits
    • Capital Strategy and Capital Programme
    • Monitor financial aspects of WBC-owned companies
  • Cllr Angus Ross - Executive Member for Environment
    See more about Cllr Ross.
    • Flooding and Drainage
    • Waste collection and recycling services
    • Open space, country parks, SANGs and playgrounds
    • Leisure and Sports Development
    • Public Rights of Way
    • Tree Policy
    • Minerals and Waste Plan
  • Cllr Mark Ashwell - Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration
    See more about Cllr Ashwell.
    • Planning, Planning Enforcement and Land Use
    • Strategic planning for development areas across the borough
    • Local Plan
    • Travellers
    • Planning and development consultations
    • S106, CIL and other developer contributions
    • Town centre regeneration projects across the borough
    • Asset Strategy for council-owned property
  • Cllr Pauline Jorgensen - Executive Member for Resident Services
    See more about Cllr Jorgensen.
    • ICT
    • E-government strategy
    • Customer Services
    • Shared Legal Services and Governance and Improvement Services
    • HR
    • Monitor traded and shared services
    • Equal Opportunities
    • Culture and Library Services
    • Public Protection Service
    • Lifelong Learning Partnership
    • Community resilience
    • Procurement
  • Cllr Malcolm Richards - Executive Member for Highways and Transport
    See more about Cllr Richards. 
    • Strategic highways planning issues
    • Highways Infrastructure Strategy
    • Highways maintenance including street scene, signage, and winter roads
    • Community, School and Subsidised Transport Strategy
    • Parking policy, implementation and management


Deputy Executive Members

  • Cllr Richard Dolinski - Deputy Executive Member for Children’s Services
  • Cllr Stuart Munro - Deputy Executive Member for Economic Development and Finance
  • Cllr Parry Batth - Deputy Executive Member for Environment
  • Cllr Alistair Auty - Deputy Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing
  • Cllr Chris Bowring - Deputy Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration
  • Cllr Alison Swaddle - Deputy Executive Member for Resident Services
  • Cllr David Sleight - Deputy Executive Member for Highways and Transport

For more details about the Deputy Executive Members and all Borough Councillors
visit the Your Councillor webpage.


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