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Ros - host story

Ros - host story

13 March 2023

Ros has been hosting three Ukrainian students since early 2022. Here she shares her experience.

A wonderful and life enhancing experience


We have been hosting three, female, twenty year old Ukrainian students since early April 2022, at our home in Wokingham.  They are childhood friends and all very close to each other which has certainly helped, as they have supported each other well and had constant companionship.

One of the three returned to Ukraine at Christmas time as she was very home sick but they other two remain.

I can honestly say, it has been a wonderful and life enhancing experience for us and we have made life long bonds with these lovely young ladies (and their families too, from afar) 

They looked so young and pale

When I collected them, late one evening from Luton airport, they looked so young and so pale, but from that first evening, they have been nothing but delightful.

We have come to know them all well and during this time together we have learnt all about their families, lives and traditions in Ukraine.

It was the first time away from Ukraine for two of them, so a big life event in so many ways for sure.  All three settled well to life in the UK, and they also get on very well with our own grown up family when they visit. 

Local food banks

All three found part time work locally, but as full time students,  studying remotely, they were not eligible for any UK benefits, (but most are) so their income has been limited. 

We have provided a fair amount of their food but they cook (very well)  for us regularly and they are able to get some of their provisions from the wonderful Wokingham Share facility and from the local food bank too.  

What if it were us

If you have space in your home and you are open to welcoming some fellow humans in need into your heart, I think you would have to go along way to find such good  considerate house guests.

I know it has been more challenging for some host families, so this is not a decision to be taken lightly BUT if you genuinely want to help and you have space to do so, I would highly recommend this opportunity to really make a difference in this troubled world we share!

When we were making this decision, I just kept thinking, what if it were us.

Could you host a family from Ukraine?

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