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Statement on the issuing of licence to Linton Pet Shop

Statement on the issuing of licence to Linton Pet Shop

03 April 2018
Shute End

“Following inspection on 5 January 2018, Linton Pet Shop has been reissued with its licence to sell animals, including puppies, until 31 December 2018.


“To obtain all licences, applicants must meet conditions, as set by central government in the Pet Animals Act 1951 and we will be monitoring adherence to these carefully as is the case with all licences of this nature.


“If we receive an application that meets requirements set out in the legislation then we are required by law to issue a licence. Licensing officers could find no lawful reason to refuse the licence on this occasion.


“It is really important to emphasise that the Council would have no grounds to refuse a licence if the application is sound and the requirements of any prevailing legislation or approved licence conditions are met.


“If residents are unhappy with current legislation, it would be worth them registering their views with their Member of Parliament; this is particularly timely for this piece of legislation as parliament is currently undergoing a general review of legislation surrounding the sale of puppies.”


Josie Wragg, director of localities and customer services